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Proposals are documents where the researcher outlines the Dissertation that he/she wants to undertake, but evaluated before by the university. This proposal is important for the following reasons:

The topic for the Dissertation is chosen at this stage while writing the proposal

The researcher selects the supervisor or suggest the supervisor's name in the proposal

The Dissertation will be allowed only if the team finds the proposal satisfactory

The proposal will outline the data collection and the process. The methodology for data analysis will also be described to some extent at this stage

The proposal will detail the previous research that will be referred to in short. This study will be further emphasised in the literature review chapter in the Dissertation. Unless the proposal is satisfactory and passes the surveillance of the dissertation committee of the scholar’s respective university, the scholar cannot work on the desired dissertation. The introduction in the proposal that is written will be about previous research, the present study, objectives and goals. The content will be divided into data collection, analysis, methodology, time required and guide names. The researcher will have to refer to previous research and decide on what topic is going to be studied. The data analysis aspect is very important. Depending on the information the researcher is able to generate the dissertation conclusions will be written by the researcher. The data analysis has to be reiterated at the proposal stage.

It is best to get help with proposal writing as this will ensure that the proposal has no grammatical errors. The content flows correctly and the punctuations are correct.

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