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Every research calls for a design or an arrangement before data is being collected or analyzed. A research design should not be confused with a work plan. A work plan describes in detail the procedure and steps to be carried out to complete the project, but the work plan itself is commenced on the basis of the project's research design.

A research design is prepared to describe the general blueprint for the study—how its elements (overall methodology, sample selection and assignment, data collection methods and procedures, data analysis methods, data presentation methods) are aligned and coordinated to maximize its strength and to reduce threats to validity.

The following points must be carefully studied in order to prepare a good quality Research Design:

Objective of your research;

Methods of gathering information;

Tools for collecting data;

Data analysis;

Time required for each stage of the research;

Cost involved in the research.

The generation of an effective research design is very essential for your PhD research as it enables the efficient structuring of the research project. A research design is the stepping stone of a research paper which describes all the major parts of the project- including the treatment methods and processes to be followed in the research.

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