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A shoddy work with careless mistakes gives an unappealing look to the completed document. The research committee though may recognise the hard work and the quality of time and effort put in but would not approve such presentation of work. Academic works of universities lay greater emphasis on ideas and facts and argumentation presented by the student in support of his research work. To be successful as a student, one needs to present ideas with clarity, persuasiveness and accuracy. This is where a second and efficient opinion can play an important role. Professional editing helps the client enhance the quality of the dissertation work in the most effective manner.

Simple or basic editing means the writer would do the simple scan of the document. Through comments and suggestions the expert would suggest changes, which will improve the document quality, thereby giving better grades. Grammar, punctuations, format and style will also be taken care of. Unwanted spaces left during typing will also be removed.

Substantive editing on the other hand involves thorough investigation of the document. Errors related to spellings, grammar and format are looked into, apart from valuable suggestions that one can receive from the editor or writer. This kind of editing mostly investigates the document technically, checking whether the content has met all the desired objectives of writing, and bears connectivity all throughout. Several rounds of rewrites produce a good document that is ready for submission. The dissertation panel having an expert eye would definitely notice a document that lacks careful presentation in terms of grammar, spellings or the accepted level of literacy and style.

However, the scholar needs to be sure whether the document is in the stage of editing or proof reading, and whether it requires a basic or simple editing or substantive editing. Editing requires a close investigation on an academic work that is about to be completed, while proof reading requires a careful glance on the final document that is about to get published.

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