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Students and researchers across the world require help while completing their dissertation. This is a service wherein the student seeks professional help for completing a portion or hands over the complete dissertation to the professional bodies. However, simply outsourcing the work without trying to understand will not impart any learning. One needs to comprehend the topic in entirety, and this cannot be done unless he/she is aware about the progress of the dissertation.

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Sample Structure of a UK Master's Level Dissertation

At Dissertation Help, our final goal is to help you create a valuable research document, score high grades and get acknowledged as a researcher. Hence, we follow the exact dissertation structure which is prescribed by your college or university. You will first need to consult your supervisor regarding the format to be adopted. Just so that you understand the structure of a dissertation better, here is a sneak peek into its various parts:

The topic, as stated on the cover page of the dissertation, along with your name, the name of your college, your supervisor's name and a sub-title, if required

The list of contents will appear first, with page numbers for easy navigation

The first chapter is the introduction, telling about the motive of study and justifying your research

The second chapter, literature review is to contain a critical analysis of the studies by previous researchers. You need to use prior research for attaining the objectives of the present study. Aspects that were not proved or remained inconclusive can be researched by you. You have to define the goals and objectives in this chapter, as well as provide the hypothesis clearly

Research Methodology is the third chapter, containing the broad research design. Here, you will identify the data requirement, sources from where you will gather data and methods of collection, methods of data analysis and tests to be applied

Data analysis chapter will follow; firstly containing the questionnaire used to collect information. The data is arranged in tables. This data will then be analysed, through the application of various tests. The graphs plotted to reflect the data will be used by the readers to study the pattern in the data and research

The results section will follow, wherein the analysis is displayed in an easy to understand format. These will be, however, discussed in the next chapter

The conclusions will speak about all that has been covered in the study. Any inconclusive information can be mentioned as scope for further studies. Only specific scopes can be suggested, and no broad outlines should be given. The data has to be clearly attached at every stage required and in particular in the data analysis section

Then you can write the abstract. The abstract is present at the beginning of the document. This contains a summary of objectives, data methodology, conclusions and shortcomings. The abstract will explain in a paragraph what the project has been all about