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Thesis writing is a complex task for every research scholar. This document is prepared in different parts and is structured to generate a presentable research paper. The five major chapters of a thesis are:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Every document starts with an introduction showcasing the problem under study, to what level it is relevant to the particular field, the assumptions of the study and the findings expected at the closure of the research.

Chapter one should throw light on eight specific points: (a) an introduction to the background of the problem; (b) defining the problem; (c) describing the usage of your study; (d) the research design; (e) the research hypotheses (in quantitative research); (f) providing the limitations of your study; and (g) the expected results.

Chapter 2: Reviewing Literature

Chapter two focuses on two main objectives, first, reminding the readers about the research problem, and second, informing the readers about the area that is being addressed in your research. It, basically, describes the field of investigation to which the research would form the most recent part.

The literature review chapter identifies and evaluates those research studies that support the problem defined under your thesis writing and that are previously published by other research scholars. Also, it enables viewers to understand your motive behind the research and the elements to be dealt with in your study.

Chapter 3: Research design and methodology

The next chapter, being the research design, formulates the basic structure of your thesis writing. It acts as the blueprint for all the activities, procedures and techniques that are to be used throughout your research for its effective completion. It includes the description of the sample population under study, type of sampling tool to be used, method of collecting data, statistical instruments used (if any) and all the other related aspects.

Chapter 4: Findings

The chapter four is a very important chapter describing the detailed report of your collected information along with the inferences that you have generated throughout the research. All your results and findings are listed and discussed in this chapter. The data is displayed in a narrative style using the tables, charts, graphs to efficiently present the gathered information to the readers.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

The last chapter showcases the conclusion of your research highlighting the key points with precision and clarity. A summary of all your findings and suggestions is presented in this section so that it provides a glimpse of your thesis.