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Precise data and objective analysis are the prominent factors for a quantitative analysis. You require professional guidance for such quantitative statistical analysis, since the data needs to be appropriate, the tools involved are complex and the modules created must be accurate. The statistical research often forms the crux of the project in a quantitative study. Our help with quantitative analysis involves the following:

Questionnaire Design

Data Collection

Data Entry

SPSS Analysis

We help you create a perfect strategy for approaching the project. While the research done in technical, scientific and mathematical fields are quantitative by default; this approach is also popular for social science studies. Because of the comprehensive nature of the assistance, we are able to take you through the entire process, ensuring 100% accuracy. The process goes as described here:

Quantitative analysis strategy is based on the objectives of research which determine the techniques of analysis and hence what data to collect

You will then need to do a questionnaire design in case this data has to be collected from the field. Our experts can help you with the design of the questionnaire

The questionnaire is then used to collect the data from the right sample and data preparation is done

Quantitative analysis techniques are applied to arrive at the right statistical inference from the collected data

Estimation theory can be applied to carry out quantitative analysis. In case the measured data is random in nature, estimation techniques are used to quantify the parameters from the data sample. The estimation can be point estimate or interval estimate. The point estimate is a single value of the parameter while in case of an interval estimate, the value of the parameter is said to lie within an interval. Statisticians use the concepts of confidence level to predict the precision of a sampling method.

You can send us the data bank, if you have already gathered the data, and we will work on it. The best part is that the package is flexible and you can opt for only analysis or data collection and data entry, as per your need. Talk to us to discuss the project and work involved.